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Last update: 2013.7.8

14th Wah Yan League Football League Cup Final - DELAY won again

DELAY (WYK) successfully defended their Championship against the revenge challenge from FRIENDS (WYHK) ( Press here for Full Report) and (Press here for photo album).
- 7 July 2013 - Peter Tang (WYHK78 Football Convenor)

Time for Revenge - Champion's League Finale on 6 July 2013

It will be the exact replica of last year's final match! Today, Friends drew with Soccer Mania 4-4 in the semi-final but found their entrance ticket to the last game by winning 4-3 on sudden death spot kick. On the other hand, Delay comfortably sealed their final place by beating New Star 3-1. Can Delay (WYK) defend their championship or can Friends (WYHK) get back the trophy Delay stolen from them last year? Please read last year's summing up to refresh how stunning the last finale was. Friends are determined to bring the trophy back to our soil.
Come on guys, cheer for them at 3:00 pm on 6/7 at the WYK football pitch!
Click here for the latest results.
- 2013.06.15 - Peter Tang '78 (Convenor, PSA Football Club)

Football league games to extend to July for the Finals

Since there are 30 teams competing, this season has become longer than former years. The qualifying round is approaching its end and the Finale is anticipated to be held in mid July. Click here for the latest results.
- 2013.05.05 -Peter Tang '78 (Convenor, PSA Football Club)

14TH WAH YAN LEAGUE CUP FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT (2012 - 2013)( Download Latest Results here)

Hi football fonders, the tournament is back and you can relax your itchy feet soon! Thank Chiwi Lai for squeezing his precious time to keep the tournament going when he should have spent more time with his new born baby! Pick up your gear now, form teams and submit your application soon as vacancies are usually taken up quickly. We promise you superb time with your peers at Kowloon and you can bring along your families to share your glorious moments! Please click the message from the organizers and the enrollment form below. Dead line for application is 8th December 2012 (Sat). See you on the pitch and maintain Fair Play.
Please download:   Cover Letter     Enrollment Form
- Peter Tang WYHK 1978, Football Convenor (2012.11.21)