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   Convenors: Peter K.H. Tam '64     Wallace H.C. YIU ‘75

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Mass to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of Rev Fr. T. Ryan, S.J.

There shall be a Mass to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of Rev Fr. Thomas Ryan S.J. to be held on Friday the 4th February, 2011 (the 2nd day of the Chinese lunar year) at the Ricci Hall Chapel at 4.45 p.m.
Fr. Ryan was a Father Superior of the Society of Jesuits and had taught in Wah Yan College. Please do come.

400th Anniversary of Fr. Matteo Ricci SJ. (2010.05.11)
11th May 2010 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Fr Ricci, a renowned Italian Jesuit knwon as "The Wise Man from the West". Fr. Ricci, born in 1552, came to China in 1583 and lived in Beijing from 1601 until his death on 11th May, 1610. He was buried in the Shalan Cemetery, a piece of land granted by the Ming Dynasty Emperor to bury Fr Ricci.
Frs. A. J. Deignan and Fr Stephen Chow led a few Wah Yan old boys including Li Kwok Yung (57) Vincent Tse (62), David Fang (64) Michael Hong (64) Peter K.H. Tam (64) and their wives and friends to Beijing to pay tribute to this great preacher and father.
The group attended the First Annual Matteo Ricci Symposium centering on the spirit and heritage of Matteo Ricci. Speakers included Riccardo Sessa, Ambassador of Italy, Serge Abou, Ambassador of the European Union, Professor Sun Weiping, Dr. Stephan Rothlin and scholars from Beijing and Tsing Hua Universities.
A visit was paid to the graveyard of Fr Ricci at the Shalan Cemetery where the Ambassador of Itaty performed a wreath laying ceremony.
A Mass, attended by over 500 faithfuls of Beijing and visitors, was celebrated by the Bishop of Beijing with over 20 priests co-celebrating at Nantang (South Church) situating on the piece of land bought by Fr Ricci in 1605 upon which he built a chapel and quarters for the Jesuits in Beijing. (Click here to view web album prepared by Michael Hong)

Reflection & Sharing Camp (2009.12.05-06)
A Reflection and Sharing Camp (Retreat) was held on the 5th & 6th December, 2009 at the Salesian Retreat House in Cheung Chau. The theme of the camp was "Gratitude". It was led by Fr Sean Coghlan SJ and assisted by our former teacher Mr. Fung Kam Sang.
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Golden Memory of Fr. A. J. Deignan SJ (2009.11.07)
A celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Ordination was held in the afternoon of 7th November, 2009. There were some 200 people, including teachers, old boys, and friends, gathered at the Wah Yan Hong Kong Chapel and the Schoool Hall to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. 10 Jesuit priests co-celebrating Mass with Fr. Deignan and a tea reception was held following Mass. (Click here to view web album uploaded by Gary Ching)

V-Shows to Promotion Basic Human Values (2008.07)
To fulfil its mission of "sharing and propagating basic human values", members of the Good Shepherd Club have been rendering their services to the Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership (HKIIEL) to organize and finance variety and values shows that promote basic human values such as Love, Respect, Responsibility, Peace, Honesty, Justice, Self-discipline, Service, Co-operation and Simplicity. The HKIIEL has Fr. Deignan as Council Chairman and Mr. Donald Tsang, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, as Patron. The shows are called V-Shows and schools that have hosted V-Shows since 2005 include Marymount Secondary School, Marymount Primary School, Wah Yan College Hong Kong, Wah Yan College Kowloon, St. Peter's Secondary School, Marycove School, Tak Sun Secondary School and Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School. 

Rediscovering Jesuits' roots in China (2007.04)
A group of Wahyanites and friends accompanied Fr. Deignan on a trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou in April 2007. It turned out to be Fr. Deignan's first visit to Shanghai. Places visited include Xujiahui St. Ignatius Cathedral 徐家匯天主大教堂, Xu Guangqi Museum 徐光啟紀念館, Basilica of Our Lady of Sheshan 佘山聖母大殿, Sheshan Parish Church 佘山本堂聖堂, Sheshan Seminary 佘山修院, Yuyuan 豫園, Wu Chen 烏鎮, Hangzhou Church built in 1661 by Fr. Martino Martini S.J. 杭州聖堂, Jesuit Cemetery in Dafangjing 大方井衛匡國等公墓.
Pictures can be viewed here

Renovation of St. Francis Xavier Tomb Monument
Renovation work of St. Francis Xavier Tomb Monument on Shangchuan Island was completed in mid-November 2006. Initiated by the Good Shepherd Club, the project was carried out with the support of friends of the Society of Jesuits in Hong Kong and past students of Wah Yan College to celebrate the fifth centenary of the birth of St. Francis Xavier.
View pictures and details in Slide Show (pdf) presented by Peter Tam.

Pilgrimage to Shangchuan Island (2005.05.26)
Fr. Deignan, three other Jesuit Fathers and a bunch of old boys visited Shangchuan Island on which St. Francis Xavier died of illness four centuries ago before he could reach mainland China which was a mere 20 kilometers away.
PSA Chairman Daniel So reports: The four Jesuits are Fr. Deignan, Fr. C. F. Kane (Xavier House), Fr. J. M. Hurley (WYK) and Fr. Paulus Agung (Ricci) and other particpants are PP Peter Hall, PP Luke Wong and Mrs. Wong (Julia), PP Peter Tam & Mrs. Tam (Winnie), PP KK Lam, Chairman Felix Tseng of WYKPSA, Yip Wah Ying and William Po from WYKPSA, Chairman Simon Chan of WYHK PTA and my humble self, 15 members in all. The trip is scheduled on weekdays to accomodate the Fathers who are exceedingly busy during the weekends. The group visited the memorial twice during the visit and prayed inside the chapel. The experinces has been spiritually enlightening.

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Many Catholic past students still maintain and practise their faith with different degrees of fervency. Some may have completely forgotten the practice of their faith. Some still believe deep in their heart but have abandoned the rituals. Others have remained faithful all the time. The Good Shepherd Club welcomes all such Catholic past students, as well as non-Catholic ones, who seek comforts and fulfilment in spiritual pursuits.


  • to maintain and incite fervency of the Catholic Faith among past students;
  • to help past students, and their families, to practise their Faith;
  • to do good by following the foot steps of saints and fathers of the Society of Jesus;
  • to reach out to non-Catholic past students who seek comforts and fulfilment in spiritual pursuits;
  • to share and propagate basic human values.
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  • Hong Kong International Institute of Educational Leadership An organization initiated by Rev. Fr. Deignan, S.J. to promote and develop human values through values education. Fr. Deignan, the Supervisor of both WYHK and WYK, was conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Social Sciences by HKU in 2003 for his contributions to education in Hong Kong.
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