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Wah Yan Dramatic Society

Wah Yan Dramatic Society

The Wah Yan Dramatic Society was established over half century ago to try to bring all the magic and humour of the Chinese theatre to non-Chinese audiences, and yet later on their performances had been appreciated by majority of local Chinese audiences. They attempted to present these operas in English while retaining all the basic conventions and the spectacular costuming of a Chinese opera. The music, too, is genuinely Chinese with only the words of the songs are in English.

Wah Yan Dramatic Society to raise fund for SDP Again

The Wah Yan Dramatic Society will be putting on another performance of A Lizard is No Dragon (Cantonese opera in English) in aid of the School Development Project of WYCHK.  This is one of the favourite performances of the Society which has been staged twice in Hong Kong and once in Vancouver in the recent past.  The performance will be held on 22 and 23 October at the Drama Theatre of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.  The Society is aiming to have more students and young members involved this time round so as to generate more interest in this art form in the younger generation." Alfred Wu ('82) Project Manager
- 24 April 2009

Web Album with photos of Rehearsal and Wong Sir's 90th Birthday party.
-10 August 2009

 Kung Kao Po (г) makes an in depth report on the progress made by members of the Dramatic Society.
-12 September 2009

The DVD recording of the 2009 performance "A Lizard Is No Dragon" is available for sale at only HK$200 per copy.
Please contact M/s Stella Ng at Wah Yan College HK (Tel:2572-2251) to place your order now.

-08 January 2010


Souvenir from Fushan's Opera Museum

Wah Yan Dramatic Society has received a couple of gifts from Fushan's Opera Museum. The Souvenir is given by Mr Chu Kin Pui, the vice-President of Fushan's Opera Museum. Mr. Chu visited Mr Philip Ching and Mr Wong Chin Wah on first week of September. Click here to view the full images.


The DVD of the WYDS Cantonese Opera in English 60th anniversary performance DVD is now available for sales.
Cost is HK$200 per set of two discs. Click on the pictures (above) for details.
The net proceeds will go to the School Development Project.
Besides, your support is vital to spread our unique Wah Yan Culture!!!
Interested Wahyanites & friends can call the Stella Ng of the School at 25722251 to secure a copy.


With the support of many many alumni, including many of the busiest people in town, parents or ex-parents, teachers, students and friends of Wah Yan, the 60th Anniversary performance by the Wah Yan Dramatic Society was successfully held at the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in the evening of 7th February, 2007, honoured with the presence of our Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang Yam-kuen and raised over 4 million dollars for our School Redevelopment Project - thank you to all those who came and supported this function!

Here are a few pictures to re-cap this memorable evening:

School Choir singing "Education
and "Our Father"
HKSAR CEO Mr. Donald Tsang and Dr. Pak Suet Sin (ճP) officiating at the opening ceremony of the Cantonese
Opera in English performance
The Wah Yan Dramatic Society chairman Mr. Wong Chin Wah thank the audience
with Ms. Susan Tse Suet Sum

Additional photographic records can be found here:
Photo set 1 (Thanks to the Wah Yan Photography Team)
Photo set 2
Photo set 3
Video (Thanks to the Wah Yan Campus TV Team)

During all these years, the Wah Yan Dramatic Society has been putting on operas to raise funds for schools, universities, hospitals, churches, charitable organisations, international societies etc. etc.

While working on these Chinese Operas in English, members of the Wah Yan Dramatic Society always have the feeling:

Be it the North, South, East or West
No nation should claim to be the best.
Strong or weak, rich or poor,
We still call each others "YOU"
HE helps HER, SHE helps HIM,
Does it matter WHOM or WHO?

Wong Sir on TV !

Not long ago Maestro Wong Chin Wah "Ah Sir" was back in Wah Yan explaining the virtues of the Club's good work. By modern technology the College's Campus TV crew has got the whole event on video. Now you can enjoy the same here again. Click to view here !!

Wah Yan Dramatic Society in Foshan Museum

Group of Wah Yan PSA PPs and other Wahyanites visited Foshan and Guangzhou recently. Special visit was paid to the Guandong Cantones Opera Museum where exhibits of Wah Yan Drama Society were on display in the English Drama Section. Among the PPs and fellow Wahyanites were Raymond Yu, Hugo Hung, Philip Ching, Chau Chamson, Patrick Wu, KK Lam, Peter Tam, Casey Chan, TK Chow, Raymond Wong and Daniel So.
See Photo Album here. -2005.03.24-


Wah Yan Dramatic Society

Chairman: Mr. Wong Chin Wah (1939)
Hon. Secretary: Mr. William Kwan (1952)
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Edward Kwan (1970)
Directors: Mr. John Chan (1959)
Dr. Chamson Chau (1950)
Mr. Philip Ching (1954)
Mr. Peter Ho (1955)
Mr. Bosco Kwok (1993)
Mr. Anthony Tai (1949)
Mr. Alfred Wu (1982)

Mr. Nicholas Cheng (1982)
Dr. David Ip (1961)
Dr. Godwin Leung (1986)
Dr. Raphael Lo (1988)
Prof. Louis Low (1965)
Mr. Stephen Ng (1972)
Mr. Poon Kwong Lau (1941)
Mr. Patrick Sham (1952)
Mr. Michael Suen (1961)
Mr. Wai Kee Shun (1950)
Dr. Dominic Wong (1959)
Mr. Raymond Yu (1953)

Contact Reference: Mr. William Kwan, Hon. Secretary
Email Address:
Office Tel.: 25238318

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