Wah Yan History Project

  • Aim of the Club
  • For an educational institution with a history of 85 years, a formal publication (not magazine) of school history for Wah Yan is long overdue, especially as first hand accounts of the first generations of Wahyanites become less and less available. This group will work for the publication of a comprehensive book, provisionally called Wah Yan College Hong Kong: the first 90 years, due to be published in 2009. Activities include talks on Wah Yan history and historical research skills, searching and analysing archival documents, collecting historical materials from local and overseas alumni, arranging and conducting interviews, photo and art design, publishing tasks, etc. It is hoped that apart from documenting the history of an important institution in Hong Kong's education, this resulting book will also bring out the core values of Wah Yan's education from a historical perspective.

  • First Project of the PSA History Club
  • A History of 'Timeless Bonding' in the souvenir programme of IC2004

    In November 2004, a souvenir programme will be published to commemorate IC2004, the 80th Anniversary of WYK and the 85th Anniversary of WYHK. A section on the history of the schools will be part of the publication.

    Questionnaire Form
    We are in the process of researching for the project and would like to invite as many Wahyanites as possible to complete and submit the following Questionnaire Form on or before 20 July 2004. Our success relies on your help. Please support this meaningful project!

    Questionnaire Form for Wah Yan College Kowloon boys
    Questionnaire Form for Wah Yan College Hong Kong boys

    Our success relies on your help. Please support this meaningful project!

    Focus of the project
    Past Wah Yan anniversary publications consisted of sections on history which were mostly chronicles of events or interviews with Jesuits and old boys. The history section for IC2004 will be something different. The theme of the international conference, 'Timeless Bonding', will be the theme of the history section. We are not going to record everything in the 80 or 85 years of the histories of the institutions. Our focus is the bonding between alumni and their mother schools. This theme can be broken down into sub-themes:

    Pre-1935 bonding: school-alumni relations before the birth of the local PSA
    - Institutionalised bonding: Birth and development of the local PSAs
    - Bonding with a spiritual touch: Jesuits and old boys
    - Fraternal support: Bonding between Local PSAs and students
    - Brothers in a foreign land: Bonding between overseas alumni and students
    - Double bonding: Alumni teachers in Wah Yan

    Fruits of the project
    Apart from creating a history section in the souvenir album, the product may be useful in a greater project later: a book to document the history of Wah Yan comprehensively.

  • Members:
  • NameF.5 Year
    John K. Tan (convenor)1981
    Nick Tsui1967
    Leung Chun Pong2002

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