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Convener: Eric Tong (WYHK 87)

As a Wah Yan student, I have always wanted to learn martial arts, but have never found the time since I was always too busy hitting the books.

The Wushu Club at Wah Yan College Kowloon was first formed in 1977 and was one of the most successful clubs at the school. The Students trained under Master Tsui Cho Tin, who recently celebrated his seventy-first birthday, formed an extraordinary strong bond with one another.

To uphold this tradition and to foster a closer bond between Hong Kong and Kowloon Wah Yan, I am honored to have one of Master Tsuiˇ¦s pupils, Sifu Ma Kee Fai as the instructor of our Club here at Wah Yan HK PSA.

One word of warning, despite all the hype and movies made by the late Bruce Lee, what you are about to learn is very different. The style as taught by Master Tsui is a gentle style, it emphases subtleness of the body rather than muscular strength or brut force. Students will not be trading punches, rather they will be focusing on relaxation of their muscles, concentration and channeling of internal energy towards their opponents. There is absolutely no reliance on muscular strength.

Wing Chun is rather like Chinese Calligraphy. It takes a couple of minutes to learn, but takes a lifetime to perfect. It is an art for the gentleman. However a very significant part of Wing Chunˇ¦s curriculum is the Sticky Hand free style sparring. Please be warned this is a contact sport and you will be sparring very often.

I have trained with Sifu Ma Kee Fai for four years. I am constantly amazed by his enthusiasm for the art, as well as his utmost dedication in passing on Master Tsuiˇ¦s teaching. I recommend him whole-heartedly and I look forward to training with my fellow classmates at the HK Wah Yanˇ¦s Squash Room, on the lower ground floor of the Gordon Wu Annex.

We will kick start from the 28 November 2004, every Sunday morning at 11am.
All old boys of Hong Kong and Kowloon Wah Yan and their spouses are welcome. You can wear whatever you want but T-shirts and tracksuit pants are best.

We need at least 5 participants in order to get started, so please email me, Eric Tong, at eric-tong@tktco.com to indicate interest or for further information.

  • Wing Chun on Sundays
  • Wing Chun Club Convenor Eric Tong '87 invites you to view photos taken at the first Wing Chun Club gathering.

    Please email Eric at eric-tong@tktco.com should you wish to join the Wing Chun class held every Sunday morning in the squash room of Wah Yan College Hong Kong.

    - 2004.01.13